Visser, M., (2012) National database sets available for post school sector (Supply Side). Concept paper

Author(s):  Visser, M.
Publication year: 

This concept paper proposes the establishment of a multi-disciplinary research team who
would have to endorse a methodology of close consultation and collaboration with DHET, SETAs and
other stakeholders to identify relevant labour market supply data sources. The paper also proposes a
review of international labour market supply indicators which would enable the research team to
advise DHET on best practises internationally and on the completeness of the suggested indicators
contained in the HETMIS framework. The paper thus proposes to investigate inter alia the following:
• location of relevant labour market supply datasets;
• identification of networks or linkages with partners (government departments, institutions
and entities) who are housing labour market supply data (qualitative and quantitative);
• review of existing national and international labour supply indicators;
• review of actual data and variables ((in)/sufficient in terms of international best practices);
• suggestions on efficient and effective working procedures;
• review of survey instruments and output report templates with the aim of contributing to
internal capacity enhancement.

Type(s):  Paper