LMIP Update

The LMIP Update provides a comprehensive overview of the LMIP’s cutting-edge research to date. It sketches the contours of the skills planning mechanism, discussing the architecture, function and location. A methodology to establish a framework to identify scarce skills is shared, and an insight offered into the government administrative datasets that are available for skills planning.

It then highlights the emerging findings from the research themes to provide labour market intelligence. An analysis of the skills needs required for the New Growth Path strategy to be effective illustrates the magnitude of the task facing the country. The document emphasises the significance of coordination, networks, and building partnerships and linkages between firms and post-school education and training organisations, for effective skills planning. It demonstrates how the shifting nature of work changes artisanal occupations and how the shifting identities that result can impact on artisanal graduate production to meet scarce skills. It then provides an update of LMIP work to strengthen the research–policy nexus, before proposing a set of high-level policy recommendations for skills planning, based on the evidence of our research at this point in time.

‘The document may be accessed on the LMIP website. Download it now.