Why does industry need artisans / technicians?

Riaan De Klerk, Training Manager at Bell Equipment

Riaan De Klerk provides a perspective of what employers need from artisans and technicians. At Bell, artisans and technicians are responsible for the servicing and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, but also for diagnosing faults on components and systems of machinery. A good artisan must be knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. A knowledgeable artisan should have basic understanding of their role within the organisation. By understanding the organisation, the artisan should understand the function of parts and components and the theory of operation systems. A good artisan should have the skill-set for doing the job and be experienced in doing the job. Experienced artisans are able to successfully apply knowledge and skill in activities and tasks within the industry. Experience is gained by exposure to mentors through apprenticeships. Skilled artisans should be able to use tools, equipment and resources to carry out tasks as determined within the industry. The mechanisms for producing a skilled artisan can be technical schools- which should be revived on a wider scale - TVET colleges (which should work in partnership with industry), and industry-established training facilities.

Artisans removing and refitting parts and components at BELL Equipment