Cassim, A., Naidoo, K., Pillay, K., Steenkamp, F., (2016) SETA Labour market survey: Case studies of firms' experiences.

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The purpose of the SETA Labour Market Survey was to collect firm level information to assist DHET to address a key mandate of skills planning. The survey is one of the new tools proposed by the LMIP, to create new datasets towards building a credible skills planning mechanism. The merSETA was chosen as the first SETA to pilot the
survey, from July to September 2014. While the response rate to the survey was adequate, one of the major challenges associated with the analysis of the survey data is that firms did not always answer all parts of the questionnaire. Therefore, the purpose of these case studies is to gain a deeper understanding of the systems,
human resources, and time required for each firm to answer the questionnaire fully. This exercise allows us to uncover the main reasons why some firms were able to answer the questionnaire with ease, whilst others experienced difficulties. Future iterations of the survey can be adjusted to address the issues highlighted, to create reliable labour market datasets on skills needs and training offered at

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