Delivering high quality labour market intelligence

The Labour Market Intelligence Partnership conducts research to inform monitoring, planning, and policymaking for more effective skills development and equitable labour markets in South Africa.

Our research areas 

1. Establishing a foundation for labour market information systems in South Africa 

Led by Dr Vijay Reddy, Human Sciences Research Council






2. Skills forecasting: supply and demand 

Led by Asghar Adelzadeh, Applied Development Research Solutions, and Associate Professor Peliwe Lolwana, University of Witwatersrand






3. Studies of priority sectors 

Led by Professor Haroon Bhorat, University of Cape Town






4. Reconfiguring the post-school sector 

Led by Dr Glenda Kruss, Human Sciences Research Council






5. Pathways through education and training and into the workplace 

Led by Dr Michael Rogan, Rhodes University






**NEW Learn more about the South African Pathway Studies Coordinating Forum**

6. Understanding changing artisanal occupational milieus and identities 

Led by Dr Angelique Wildschut, Human Sciences Research Council 

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Read the annual LMIP Updates for details of all the researchers we've worked with:

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Key LMIP research terms 

Across the six research areas of the LMIP, a number research terms are frequently used. 

We've listed and explained these terms

LMIP Research Bulletins

Sharing our results as they are developed is an important part of the LMIP research cycle. In addition to writing reports, articles and briefings, our Research Bulletin showcases the work of LMIP.

- September 2016

- August 2016

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April 2015

December 2014

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January 2014

LMIP-HSRC Seminar Series 

From 2014 to 2016, the Human Sciences Research Council hosted a series of LMIP seminars on topics our research leaders are working on.  

- The role of skills and education in predicting micro-enterprise performance (15 September 2016)

Smooth, staggered or stopped? Educational transitions in the South Africa Youth Panel Study (22 August 2016)

An understanding of public attitudes to work (15 July 2016)

- The boundaries of artisanal work and occupations, and its intersections with inequality (31 May 2016)

Schooling inequality, higher education and the labour market: Evidence from a graduate tracer study in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (31 March 2016)

- Skills, innovation, and interactive capabilities in the astronomy sector: The case of the Square Kilometer Array telescope (4 December 2014)

- Skills mismatch and informal sector participation among educated immigrants: Evidence from South Africa (30 October 2014)

- Curriculum responsiveness and student employability in VET: Preliminary findings from three case studies (28 October 2014)

- Informality in the South African labour market in context: Indicators of the limits to evidence-based research (31 March 2014)

- Studying professions in shifting occupational contexts: Exploring symbolic boundaries in mechatronics (11 March 2014)

Understanding interactive capabilities for skills development in sectoral systems of innovation: A tentative framework (27 February 2014)