Pathway Studies Coordinating Forum

The objective of the Pathway Studies Coordinating Forum is to provide an opportunity for collaboration and coordination of graduate pathways research across organisations.

Credit: LMIP

[Credit: LMIP]

Specificially the Forum aims at:

- Coordination and collaboration on the design of research and instruments

- Promotion of complementarity (and the avoidance of duplication)

- The identification of remaining gaps

- Progress towards implementing international best practice on measuring key indicators

For more information or to express interest in participating in the Forum, please email Dr Glenda Kruss ([email protected]) or Dr Charlotte Motha ([email protected])

Forum activities


Meeting of the Pathway Studies Coordinating Forum - A report from LMIP Research Bulletin of July 2016 


There is currently a growing recognition of the potential value and need for panel, cohort and tracer studies in the South African skills planning and skills development space.

Tracer, panel and cohort research that investigate the pathways of young people from school through the post-school education and training system and into the labour market provide critical information for skills planning, educational development and inclusive growth.

The Director General of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has suggested that the Labour Market Intelligence Partnership convene a forum of organisations that conduct these types of study. 

The significance of a coordinating forum is that it can provide a collaborative research space, to inform, coordinate and share new methodologies and develop national longitudinal panel and tracer studies that create new data on the pathways into and through education and training, and into the labour market.

Forum stakeholders 

Currently, pathways research policymaker and research communities include:

- A household level panel survey conducted by StatsSA in 2015 for release in 2016

- Plans for a national higher education graduate tracer study led by Universities South Africa

- An array of pilot panel, tracer and database studies conducted by the LMIP, involving researchers at HSRC, UCT, Stellenbosch, UWC, Rhodes and NMMU

- Sectoral level tracer studies of graduates from work based learning programmes, conducted by individual SETAs

- A TVET tracer study conducted by SSACI in partnership with JET

- Cohort studies coordinated by DHET in collaboration with Wits

- Provincial

Examples of pathways studies 

To add to the list above please write to [email protected].