Bhorat, H, Lilensteing, A, Lilenstein, K, Oosthuizen, M, (2017) youth transitions from higher education into the labour market.

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In order to better understand the pathway from higher education into the South African labour market, this research examined the factors influencing the success of tertiary graduates in the workplace. While tertiary education is a marker for better employment outcomes, associated with better quality employment including higher wages, it is not a guarantee of obtaining employment. Substantial differentials exist between individuals who have obtained a tertiary education, and are even more pronounced when looking at unemployment rates between the sexes and the races. This research aims to shed light on the factors that differentiate those who transition from higher education into employment from those who transition into unemployment. While characteristics such as race and gender are evaluated, particular attention is given to the role of higher education institutions, the field studied, and the qualification obtained. Using a new dataset, the CHEC’s Graduate Destination Survey, this report provides information on youth in the labour market, investigating the role played by education, and racial and gender dynamics in the various labour market outcomes studied.

Type(s):  Report