REAL Centre Seminar: Work and learning in a transitioning society

Event date: 
Friday, 7 October 2016 -
9:00am to 1:00pm

A404 Wits School of Education 


Prof. Margarita Pavlova is the head of the Asia UNEVOC programme based at the Hong
Kong Institute of Education. She is internationally recognized for her work in Technical and
Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for economic and social development in developing countries and countries in transition.

Prof. Heila. Lotz-Sisitka is the Director of the Environmental Learning Research Centre at
Rhodes University and strong interest in transformative learning and transformative educational possibilities to strengthen agency and collective social movements for change in work and society.

Prof. Volker Wedekind is the Chair of Vocational Education and Pedagogy at the REAL
Centre. He has been extensively involved in the changing skills development landscape in
South Africa and his academic work has always focused on challenging boundaries in the post school sector and opening possibilities for transformative praxis.


Prof. Stephanie Matseleng Allais is a leading researcher in education and labour at REAL. She has worked in various parts of the South African education system and has been involved in numerous educational policy processes.

About this seminar: 

Innovative educational research in these challenging times requires researchers to reflexively
review their research methodologies from the perspective of transitioning societies [i.e.
towards more socially just, egalitarian, democratic, healthy and sustainable societies].
The seminar explores the intersectional interest of how changes in the socio-economic, sociomaterial and socio-ecological world shape transitions in work and learning practices, experiences of individuals, groups, sectors, and organisations and how this shapes and influences work and learning research in contemporary times. In this research seminar three scholars from diverse fields will provide interesting perspectives on re-shaping educational work to cross-traditional boundaries and practices and provide novel collective learning and educational responses.

Venues and contacts:

The venue for this event is rooms A404 at the Wits School of Education. To register to attend please email [email protected]