The 2015 LMIP Ministerial Briefing: Documents and presentations

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Labour Market Intelligence Partnership has conducted a set of research studies to inform the creation of a more credible and effective institutional mechanism for skills planning in South Africa. The LMIP research consortium will share the emergent recommendations and policy insights at a briefing workshop to the Minister of Higher Education and Training, on 31 March 2015. The workshop will consider how the research and evidence base can provide a foundation for the achievement of Government priority outcome 5.1.1. 

This briefing note provides a high level synopsis of six focus areas selected for discussion at the workshop:

1. A credible institutional mechanism for skills planning
2. The need for a SETA labour market survey
3. Attitudes to work: Social attitudes have a bearing on labour market outcomes
4. University graduates’ transitions to the labour market: An Eastern Cape pilot study
5. Responsiveness to firm demand: Enhancing the interactive capabilities across the post-school system
6. Planning for artisanal skills: The importance of understanding changing artisanal milieus and identities