Institutional capacity development in research

Capacity development activities are integral to the conceptualisation of the Labour Market Intelligence Partnership. Research capacity building projects aim to increase the number and quality of researchers working on postschool education, training, skills development and labour market issues in South Africa. Institutional capacity development activities focus on strengthening and supporting the capacity of the DHET and other stakeholders to manage a labour intelligence system.

Research capacity-building through a bursary programme
Data analytical skills are crucial for the operationalisation and sustainability of a Labour Market Information System. The LMIP recruited and funded students for postgraduate study in labour market-related and post-school education fields, and ensured their placement for mentorship at relevant research institutions.

Research internship programme
Research capacity development involves training interns and junior researchers to work on LMIP projects. The HSRC, UKZN and DPRU employed 14 interns and junior researchers in the first year to conduct research on the LMIP projects under the mentorship of senior researchers.

Structured learning sessions
The formal institutional capacity-building programme centres on six structured ‘learning sessions’ over the three years of the LMIP.Research teams, DHET staff and SETA s have the opportunity to interact with theme leaders and experts around the research. The learning sessions were designed in consultation with DHET, as knowledge sharing workshops and not merely a one-way flow of knowledge from ‘the experts’.