Mncwango, B., (2016) Public attitudes to work in South Africa.

Author(s):  Mncwango, B.
Publication year: 

The significance of public attitudes for ensuring the effectiveness of national government skills and labour market interventions and policies has been widely recognised. Attitudes serve as significant predictors of individuals’ behaviour and, thus, can provide clues about behaviour related to finding and keeping paid work, as well as about perceptions of commitment to work, skills acquisition and satisfaction at work. It is therefore imperative that skills-planners have a comprehensive understanding of labour market perceptions. In South Africa, data-driven scientific studies of the public’s attitudes to work, their expectations, preferences and job-search behaviours are limited. To address this gap, the Labour Market Intelligence Programme (LMIP) initiated a unique study with specific, focused questions about social attitudes to the labour market.

Type(s):  Policy Briefs