Kruss, G., Petersen, I., (2016) Mapping partnerships and interactive capabilities in skills development systems: A guide to fieldwork in SETAS and other sectoral intermediaries.

Author(s):  Kruss, G., Petersen, I.
Publication year: 

This research guide provides instruments for gathering information on the partnerships and capabilities of sectoral intermediaries such as Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) to form effective partnerships and learn through interaction – i.e. interactive capabilities. Understanding partnerships and interactive capabilities can yield evidence that complements and adds to the quantitative data traditionally used for skills planning. The guide should be read in conjunction with a set of related research guides: 1) a guide to understanding the research framework, design and methodology, 2) a set of fieldwork templates for gathering similar information on other key actors in skills development networks, including universities, TVET colleges, and firms; and 3) a guide to analysing the information gathered.